Fume extraction cleans air for Landpower

Fume Arm Fans Garage Reel Garage flex

“Experienced staff are a vital element of our Landpower brand, and the company is very conscious of our health and safety routines, especially as this is a family business,” commented Daniel Vaughan, NZ Service Manager, when Geoff Ebdon from NZ Duct&Flex visited last year to discuss extraction requirements at a new Landpower Parts and Service centre near Christchurch airport.

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Best welding extraction in new premises

Fume Arms JKF Fan LipLock Ducting

When Clifford Jackson, Manufacturing Manager for Best Bars - the industry leader in the development and supply of towing solutions and automotive accessories - first described their requirements for a new plant to Geoff Ebdon of NZ Duct & Flex, 'excellence' was the key word to ensuring the project delivered to his requirements.

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School dust filtration at low cost!

JKF Fan LipLock Ducting Modular Filter

When Te Kauwhata College needed a new Technology Room upgrade, Peter Henry turned to NZDuct+Flex to quote for a new Filtration system and associated ducting required for the refit.

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Food processing – Specialist Food Flex

Foodgrade Flex

Since 2003, Xenos Ltd has been at the forefront of the aseptic bottling industry with a unique range of processing and filling systems that are compact and have a throughput range of 150-6000 bottles per hour.

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Improving Workspace Environments

Fume Cube Fume Arms

The first thing Bernie Klaver, Senior Engineer and Workshop Manager at Unitech Industries in Henderson noticed about his new mobile extraction arm was the noise – or rather lack of it.

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Veni Vidi Vici

JKF Fan Modular Filter LipLock Ducting

When Veni Vidi Vici (V3 Ltd), one of New Zealand's most successful exhibition stand construction and shop fitout design/installers, decided to upgrade their production facility, they contacted NZ Duct+Flex.

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The ultimate cabinet maker's workshop!


When Interno Ltd, a company specialising in high quality personalised cabinetry based on Auckland’s North shore decided to expand and move to a new production facility, Tony Kelly, the founder, planned to use the opportunity of a move to new premises to create the ‘ideal’ joinery workshop. –"I set out to build the ultimate Cabinet making shop, planned by Cabinet makers, for Cabinet makers," said Tony.

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Effective dust filtration installation for Christchurch School

LipLock Ducting Modular Filter

When Christchurch Catholic Cathedral College needed a new Technology Room upgrade, Opus International turned to NZ Duct+Flex to quote for the filtration system and associated ducting, fan and flex.

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