Improving Workspace Environments

10/6/2012 12:00:00 AM Fume Cube Fume Arms

Quiet and Effective”

“Its really quiet, quieter than the noise of the welding even.” confirmed Bernie from Unitec Industries. “Being in charge of the site workshop, I wanted to further improve the working conditions me and my assistant work in especially dealing with the fumes given off. The problem we have is that the work is extremely varied, but includes a lot of aluminium grinding, welding, plus general metal work. To improve conditions in the entire work shop would be difficult to solve with a fixed extraction system as the work changes so much.”

Bernie approached NZ Duct+Flex about the European-manufactured Fume Cube. Bernie said ”As soon as I saw the product, I was impressed by its compact design and neat appearance, and although there are only usually two or three of us, we are always working on different projects so I could see how useful it could be. With the locking castors it’s so easy to be able to reposition the unit to where we individually need it. This way, while only one of us it actually using the Fume Arm at any one time, we are all getting the benefit of the cleaner air for just the capital outlay of only one unit.“

Ideal for smaller workshops

Many smaller workshops do not need (and would struggle to justify the cost of) a complete filtration system operating continuously, but staff still suffer from the effects of fumes and dust.

Often people fit a hood above the welding bench. But this just drags the fumes past the workers face on its way to the hood. The great thing about fume arms is the staff can position it exactly as they want it - from the side if it suits. It’s a very effective way to deal with dry impurities close to where they are generated. 

Solution for a welder:

  • Fume Cube

Standing Fume Arm