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We understand dust and fumes !

  • We don't just tick boxes on a check sheet ! We install and service world leading dust and fume filtration products, every working day. It's all we do, and we are very experienced at helping you get the best from your system.  
  • To keep operating at peak efficiency, even the best products may require periodic attention to stay operating to the same performance as when they were first installed. Our Preventative Maintenance Service is available to all customers right around NZ. 
  • We help business owners protect their employees from harmful dust and fumes by ensuring the extraction and filtration is working correctly, whether you purchased from us or not 
  • Money spent on dust and fume extraction equipment that's not correctly maintained, or maintained by people who don't really understand it, is a waste of money!

Our Sales, Install and Engineering staff have years of experience visiting sites with dusty problems. They see the effects of poor maintenance daily :

  • dust collecting/settling in duct runs, leading to blockages, poor suction and fire hazards
  • incorrect air flow, either originally incorrectly specified and installed, or new machines being added to the point the system cannot cope 
  • blocked dust filter bags, due to the filter area being too small: the commonest cause of poor extraction levels! If you are considering fitting inspection hatches to clear out blocked ducts, dont! Identify the real problem - or call us to help find it for you
  • fumes drifting across work areas, affecting not only the masked welder, but other staff in the building- even the office staff upstairs!
  • fume arms incorrectly positioned/difficult to use,  (they may have seized due to low cost brands with internal hinging), allowing contaminants to enter the breathing zone

Annual Filter Check

Did we complete your installation ?

Ask our staff about our Preventative Maintenance Service, available to our customers who have purchased our dust/fume solutions

  • You pay not only for the yearly safety/performance visit, but are assured that your site will be prioritised for the following 12 months for free help and advice from our team
  • The written report is ideal if you have to prove compliance with WorkSafe, confirming that your installation was designed, installed and maintained by specialists, correctly trained and certified in dust extraction systems at our supplier's Training Centre in Als, Denmark  
  • Larger sites (who may have their own maintenance staff), schools, joineries (who may have self installed), can leave the long term care and efficiency of their dust filtration in our hands
  • 95% of 'problems' with our systems are identified in moments and are simple to fix. Our staff work with dust and fume systems every day, so they know what to look for
  • We visit sites that have been signed off as 'safe and efficient' every year that have not been installed correctly from day one. You wouldn't ask a plumber to service your car, why trust a building inspector to service you dust extraction ?

School Maintenance Program

We have completed installations in many schools throughout NZ 

Funding is always difficult, so we offer special services for schools !

  • Apart from your boiler, a dust extractor is one of the few items at school that can explode (or catch fire).  Property Managers, Caretakers and Tech Teachers: let us remove the problem and the worry. For an easier, less dusty life, let us show the simplest, time effective way, to manage the dust extraction - even if its not our system !
  • Everyone's lungs must be protected from very fine microscopic dust: too fine to see with the naked eye it is the most harmful
  • We want to protect young lungs of school pupils, but a Technology Teacher is constantly exposed to harmful sawdust (especially hardwoods and/or MDF), so talk to us about making your lessons not only safer, but also a lot more enjoyable!
  • We have 'SuperSafe' dust filter systems especially designed for schools by our Danish manufacturer
  • We provide yearly safety checks and advice, by experienced qualified staff, who work constantly in this field, not generalised building maintenance companies with very limited knowledge/experience of dust extraction 

Dust Filtration Health Check

Wish you had bought your Dust Filtration solution from us ?

Even if we did not supply your system, we are happy assist you in getting better dust extraction performance.

  • Dust Filters should be checked on a regular basis
  • The efficiency of dust extraction systems can be assessed by experienced staff but beware of inexperienced opinions. Does your consultant really have up to date knowledge, and experience ? If something goes wrong, have they insurance for this work and did you see this or check?  
  • Changing your filters socks regularly may help sustain good airflow and air quality for a while, but it can be expensive. There may be better solutions to improve the dust filtration system's operation that in the medium / long term saves you cost, while reducing energy costs immediately.
  • If there is fine dust coming out of the exhaust or the air smalls 'dusty' there are several points to check. Our Installation team and Engineers are accessing these issues every single day. 
  • Cyclones, the very best, correctly sized, ( which most are not) emit at least 20% of the fine dust entering them. Ask us how to prevent this, if you have one!

Welding Safely Are Your Fumes Hanging Around

Has anyone complained about your Welding fumes ?

Well done for spending money on LEV or fume extraction but are your welders using the equipment correctly?

  • Do the air flows meet minimum required transfer velocities ?
  • Welding fumes either from MIG TIG or ARC are highly toxic and high exposure will have a welder feeling ill almost immediately but low exposure levels are being increasingly proven to increase risk of cancer, heart and lung issues in later life.
  • Are your Fume Arms easily re-positioned to keep harmful fumes out of the breathing zone?
  • Are you relying on the workshop shutter door always being open - in winter also?
  • Are you allowing your fumes to drift away from your shop floor into your offices or your neighbours premises? 
  • If you have a filtration unit, when did you last replace the filters or look at the damage that might be occurring on your roof from small particles. 

Our staff are qualified to test your system, confirm that it is (or isn't) compliant, and advise solutions to improve your Fume Extraction, over time with a plan to suit your budget  

Looking for the right solution for your Industry?