Future-proofed clean air for Allproof Industries

7/18/2023 4:34:10 PM Fume Arms Fume Arms

With a team of over 30 trained fabricators and tradesmen using advanced production equipment such as laser cutters and automated CNC machines, Auckland-based plumbing and drainage specialist Allproof Industries needed an excellent extraction system for their busy 16-welding bay workshop, and to future-proof themselves for any changes or increases to production levels.

Working with NZDUCT+FLEX to find the best fume extraction solution, Allproof chose to purchase sixteen Fume Arms – these are robust, European-made (from Oskar Air), externally hinged fume arms with unique telescopic arms to remove fumes at the source (for more information on what makes Fume Arms unique, click here).

Ducted to a common extraction system, the pivoting arms are easy to swing out of the way when not required, and the whole Allproof system is driven by a JKF 45D 30kW fan from Danish JKF Industri. The fan size chosen is deliberately bigger than the current requirements, meaning Allproof can add to their system at a later date if required. This future protection of the customer spend is a company policy at NZDUCT+FLEX, and as the Installation team are in workshops every day, they know how to design the best and most economic solution.

A Fan Sensor unit also installed detects any pressure drop in system increasing fan speed or reducing it depending on how many of the 16 arms are open or closed, ensuring consistent minimum air flow at the required velocity to keep staff safe.

The solution is working well – Lee Johnson from Allproof commented that even when the first arm was installed and switched on, his staff were amazed at the difference these industrial arms could make – another effective solution and no complaints about air quality at Allproof.