Air Quality and Aston Martins: Fume extraction for garages and mechanic workshops

7/27/2023 3:49:49 PM Garage Reel Garage Reel Fume Arms Fume Filter

The problem:
Christchurch-based Auto Restorations Ltd needed to upgrade their fume extraction system in their new premises to improve air quality and ensure the health and safety of their staff. This was especially important for the engineers dealing with “white metal” in older car engines, as this can give off highly caustic fumes. Quiet and compact fume extraction would also be a bonus!

The solution:
NZ Duct+Flex provided a Geovent Filter Tower 6, which saves space as the fan is located on top of the filter as an integrated unit with its own acoustic box, with an additional silencer, kept air quality and
performance to European standards. Additionally, two fume arms for the welding bay and soldering room kept air clean even when dealing with white metal. Finally, a car exhaust extraction system means staff are safe from car fumes.

The results:
Chief Operating Officer George Kear said “The whole team at NZ Duct+Flex were great at getting these systems dispatched out of Auckland to Christchurch while still under some form of lockdown, which helped keep our build on schedule. Having our own engineers on site allowed us to install the system ourselves which also meant we could make slight adjustments along the way to suit the final positioning of each machine. The complete system is working really well, and we appreciate the support from their staff throughout the whole project.”