About Us

NZ DUCT+FLEX has been supplying modular metal, and flexible ducting available to the NZ market for over 30 years – originally Australian owned, it became a private NZ owned company in 2009.

Since then the company has grown from its base of duct and flexible duct, to offer the largest range of dust and fume products available in this market.

We stock and can install complete systems using components that are widely available globally: they are tried and tested solutions – not ‘one offs’ designed for a single customer. This efficiency allows us to be competitive and draw on the engineering experience of 3 major global suppliers with experience of thousands of industrial extraction solutions.

Most of the products are held in stock in Auckland available for collection or dispatch the same day as you order. 

NZ owned

As a family owned business, our operation involves NZ distribution for 3 of Europe’s leading dust and fume extraction suppliers. While our everyday business still includes direct sales of LIPLOCK® ducting and flex, our own Installation team are assembling equipment ranging in value from $6000 to $500,000.

European Quality Dust Extraction Systems

We ONLY source products from reputable, market-leading North European companies, to align with our own values.

Our range of dust extraction systems are manufactured by Danish JKF Industri and are the world's most technically advanced, efficient, and safest. With 60 years of dust and fume extraction experience from around the world, they provide NZ DUCT+FLEX with backup to support our own technical staff and regularly visit our market and our customers. The range of filtration products includes compact fume filters from GEOVENT - another specialist Danish manufacturer. These two product ranges enable us to assist any industrial ducting or filtration scenario.



ONE cohesive system

"from ONE supplier"

No other company in NZ can offer what we offer: a source of ducting components, fans, filtration units, all manufactured by the same company guaranteed to work as a system efficiently and effectively. NZ DUCT+FLEX has grown from a supplier of parts, to include installation of the parts, as well as supplying advice, and specifications on the world leading products we install. Everything we sell and install is fully warranted for 12 months operation and after that we hold a full set of spare parts here in NZ. No project or customer is TOO SMALL, or TOO LARGE!

Quality Installation by our own staff

All large installations are carried out by our own fully employed staff members who are trained by JKF engineers who visit us regularly. By not using contractors, we can be confident that the install process will be efficient in terms of time, and of high quality in respect of connections and suggested layout. Because they are our own staff, they are carrying out these projects on a daily basis and have our warehouse full of stock at their disposal, should plans change and extra items be required. We are proud of the work they carry out and we continue to monitor your site after the installation is complete.


"Get it right first time!"

We do NOT sell Service or Maintenance Contracts as if the installation is done correctly in the first place, and the products were correctly specified, the system will function as you expected. However we cannot take responsibility for the work of contracting electricians and other trades.

Why Choose Us ?

Quality products that last

We only sell quality manufactured European products – our supplier factories are major North European manufacturing plants using the highest quality materials and advanced processing technology.

Our European made Fume Arms work really well, and due to the external hinging, need negligible maintenance. One of the key issues with installing Fume Arms is that welders do not position the hoods correctly. Manufactured out of aluminium, hoods on our arms can withstand the working temperatures and therefore be positioned close to the source of fumes, with no risk of melting. The easy to grab all round handle also means the hood can be re-positioned as the welder carries on. 

Denmark based JKF Industry has an automatic powder coating system that is state of the art ensuring uniform high quality and better scratch resistance.

Only the best Swedish steel is used, galvanised at source for our 1mm range. Along with the unique pressed bends the product has lasted in factories all over the country for decades.

Our stainless range is laser welded, ideal for reducing the chance of particle entrapment in the food industry.

Our Seed duct range has long radius bends (3x) to allow better resistance with abrasion.

The flex range from Germany include several specialist products designed for : CNC machines, over the floor Auto applications, self extinguishing Welding flex as well as EU, FDA approved Foodgrade flex. Our Antistatic range is rated R<108 ohm – 3x as effective at dissipating a charge than other products called anti static available locally.


Cheapest total cost solution

We offer cheapest ‘Total Cost’ solution available due to the energy savings on the SuperBlower and Jet filters and the ability to be able to upgrade your modular filter system at a minimum cost.

We may not be the cheapest at the outset, however we can assist your ‘future proofing’ your operation with the best and most efficient solution.
The biggest advantage of the modular LIPLOCK® system is that if you change a machine simply unclip and reuse the ducting components saving huge costs.

We aim to deliver our quality products on time, to avoid disruption for your business that is why we hold such big stock in this country.
We will return you calls and visit as agreed

The worlds most Energy efficient Dust collection range

Our Danish designed and manufactured Pulse filters are the most ENERGY efficient (and SAFEST) filters available worldwide.
The POWERPULSE cleaning system regulates not only the frequency, but also the power, of the pulse cleaning system.

Why is the range of JKF POWERPULSE filters ENERGY EFFICIENT ?

• Less energy is required to clean the bags
• Cleaning by compressed air is controlled by an automatic sensor
• Cleaning only occurs when PowerPulse sensors detect the filter bags need pulsing, instead of every 30 seconds or so, the system found on most filter systems. This saves between 90-50% of compressed air production
• When pulse cleaning takes place, each bag is cleaned individually. This is unique to the Power Pulse system and saves compressed air, and introduces the cleaning pulse at exactly the correct point above the filter. This ensures evenness of cleaning action across EVERY bag in the filter.
• When cleaning individual bags, the PowerPulse sensors also measure the air flow through the filters and adjusts the pulse forces between 1.5bar and 5bar. This saves another 40-60% of compressed air.
• Because the filters are all uniformly cleaned and operating at maximum efficiency, the pressure loss through the filter is maintained at optimum levels, to ensure minimal load on the extraction fan and compressed air motors.


Looking for the right solution for your Industry?