Fume extraction cleans air for Landpower

10/1/2013 12:00:00 AM Fume Arm Fans Garage Reel Garage flex

Diesel menance

Last year the World Health Organisation changed diesel fumes from a ‘possible’ human carcinogenic to a ‘probable’ one and employees exposed due to their work environment need to be protected from harm by capturing the fumes and expelling them to the outside air. The NZ Government is also acknowledged to be reviewing all aspects of employee health and safety including air pollutants in the near future.

New premises – best practise

 At the new Parts and Service Centre, Landpower carry out routine servicing on everything from a small tractor to large combine harvesters and these are powered by very large diesel engines (up to 7.2lt). While these are running in the building, they emit large amounts of exhaust fumes that need to be extracted away, not only from the service staff but also from the other employees working in the large, modern, open plan service and parts area.

Landpower now have a fully functioning service centre, the exhausts are attached to the hose’s and the fans extract the fumes which are ducted outside. None escape into the work area.

Specialist Garage flex

NZ Duct+Flex are able to provide ex- stock a range of products ideal for the auto industry. These include one of the specialist flex products from Germany – ‘Garage flex” available in 3 diameters: 75mm, 102mm and 150mm id. Garage flex is a Crush recoverable TPE coated Polyester product with a nylon helix and outer wear strip of soft TPR. The product has excellent chemical resistance to oil and petrol fumes and is ideal for over the floor applications or reel systems. It will withstand up to 150degC.