Protecting Young Lungs

8/2/2023 12:28:05 PM Modular Filter Modular Filter

Protecting children from air pollution is critical. The Ministry of Education’s 2022 Indoor Air Quality guidelines state that “children are particularly vulnerable to all types of pollutants because of their high respiration and metabolic rates”. Dust extraction in schools needs to be efficient and safe.

Luckily, NZ Duct+Flex supply the world’s safest dust filters from Denmark-based JKF. Our SUPERSAFE Modular Filters conform to ATEX Equipment Directive 2014/34/EU – the standard quoted by the Ministry of Education in their 2022 guidelines. The unique VFV™ technology means that, in the unlikely event of an explosion, force is pushed up through the roof of the filter while any flames or dust is contained inside – meaning no risk of fireballs being emitted from the side panels. With our modular ducting system, additions such as extra fans, silencers, fume hoods and more can be added to customise the fume extraction system to your technology classrooms, and anywhere else that dust extraction is needed.