The ultimate cabinet maker's workshop!

3/17/2012 12:00:00 AM POLY ANTISTATIC FLEX CNC FLex LipLock Ducting

"I set out to build the ultimate Cabinet making shop, planned by Cabinet makers, for Cabinet makers," said Tony.

Whilst Tony thought he knew exactly how he wanted the new layout to be, and admitted he was very particular about every detail, the layout inevitably changed 2-3 times as the project progressed. Today it’s a well operated medium sized workshop that keeps 7 workers busy – a CNC, 2 edge bander’s, panel saw, custom built routing table, custom built full sized sanding table, drill press, drop saw , sander belt with 2 floor sweeps. The air and area is clean and clear as every machine can be shut off with a manual blast gate ensuring maximum pressure is given to the working tools.  

NZ Duct+Flex are the country's largest stockist of Modular Ducting, Liplock ®, and specialist flex. Due to the adaptability of the modular system (with the ability to unclamp and move and change things as many time as a child changes the layout of a train set), Interno never had to compromise on how things fitted if machine positions were moved or new ideas where introduced.

Modular ducting systems save time and money as always with a new layout, the planned positions and distances change once the actual machinery is installed and duct items required can change radically from the original plan.

Simple to install!

Interno actually carried out the installation themselves but it was made easier by the fact that Modular Duct items can be couriered out for delivery the following morning if the order is received by 4pm.

 “We really appreciated the flexibility and support NZ Duct & Flex gave us,” said Tom Kelly, “they were able to get bespoke pieces manufactured which enabled us to manufacture our own routing table and sanding table as we could not find anything available that suited us. Whist we are enjoying the benefits of the new workshop, I also have comfort in the knowledge that when we add another bigger CNC, or expand other areas, it will be easy to re-connect and continue.

Liplock Solution

  • Adaptable – can unclamp, change and re-use
  • Returns policy – extra lock??? ordered can be returned for credit
  • Telescopic Duct – no cutting, no hassle, just slide into duct run to fill any gaps up to 450mm