Duststorm Filters

Duststorm Filters

Duststorm Filters

Reduce your cleaning costs with these compact competitively priced PULSE filters . The world's lowest energy consumption for continuous cleaning : VARIpulse.

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• DustStorm® filter models 12/20/28/36/44 can be fitted with VARIPulseTM Cleaning , the World’s Most Energy Efficient Pulse Filter Cleaning System
• VARIpulse sensors monitor dust accumulation in the Filter, and clean when required, rather than on a fixed time sequence like most competitors filters
• Each bag is cleaned one at a time, and the airflow through the filter bags is measured so that ( uniquely) the force of the pulse can be adjusted between 1.2 and 5 bar, unlike other units which have fixed pulse – normally 5 bar
• This saves up to 90% of compressed air usage and means the filters are cleaned gently and last longer
• Models from DustStorm 7 to DustStorm 44 are available, the number denoting the filters cartridge number and hence filter area
• A range of inlet and outlet types can be specified to meet requirements with conical or scraper bottom.
• DS filters are also available as a silo filter
• Air Volumes 1000 to 45,000m3/h
• Ideal users – small medium and large metal, plasma, welding and grinding applications. Due to size and ease of use also suitable for a wide range of dust types

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