Fume Arms

Fume Arms

Fume Arms - No Maintenance - Easy Installation !

  • Economical, versatile and durable, Fume Arms catch impurities: especially where constant extraction is not required
  • Our European manufactured Fume Arms have metal hoods and strong steel tubes with external hinging making them virtually maintenance free. The smooth inside allows the extracted fumes to travel freely away from the welder
  • Many available on the market use internal hinge components that are difficult to access for cleaning, resulting in the arms jamming. It becomes difficult for the operator to position the hood correctly, for effective removal of the harmful fumes
  • OUR EXTERNAL HINGING = SMOOTH AIR FLOW to further enhance extraction efficiency
  • Some cheaper competitor models even have plastic hoods rendering them useless in the environments they are used in !


  • Faster installation is achieved as the Fume Fan, Arm and Boom range are all fully compatible and manufactured by the same  European suplier : the same bracket can connect directly to a fan or ducting!

Connect to ducting :

Connect to a Fume fan:

Connect to a boom for further reach and  flexibility :

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