The safe approach: controlling dust explosions

11/16/2017 10:46:45 AM Modular Filter

NZDuct+Flex are now fitting into schools and workplaces, dust extraction systems that not only prevent the explosion going back into the factory but also release it with no flame or pressure wave across the working site. Instead, the fire is contained within the filter unit and the pressure is released out of the roof. No fireball, no secondary explosions, and far less chance of injury to your staff, neighbors or working members of your own family. 


VFV (Vertical Force Venting) safety is one of the unique safety systems from  Danish  extraction experts JKF Industries. Most  companies are amazed that these Scandinavian manufactured extraction systems don’t cost much more than the old designs from the 1950’ that so many of us still have. The larger systems can even be cheaper than the older, less safe, products.