Size matters- in dust extraction!

6/13/2014 12:00:00 AM Modular Filter LipLock Ducting

No job is too big or small for the friendly Hepburn Company whether it be a simple domestic cupboard door repair or a full retail shop fitting for a commercial customer, so Michael Bensemann was pleased that NZ Duct+Flex were able to offer the same flexibility and level of service. Neal England, who is NZ Duct+Flex’s in-house engineer and install manager explained that due to the way the modular system offered works, it can be altered easily to fit into smaller spaces or adapted, if the business needs increase.

Space being tight at Hepburn the existing fan was reused, ducted out through the roof, along the roof, back into the factory and down to the filter.

The space in which the filter was fitted, is millimetres below the roof, between beams and walls yet provides maximum possible filtration capacity, for the limited space.

Low Pressure – Low wear

Like supplier JKF Industri, NZ Duct & Flex promotes the principle of low pressure operation for filters. This means a bigger filter that works less hard, with the benefit to the customer being low wear on the filter bags, longer life, no blockage problems and hence low lifetime cost.

With the largest stock of modular duct in NZ available in stock, NZ Duct&Flex were able to reuse most of the existing ducting and just add on as necessary – again ensuring the install was as cost-effective as possible.

“What I didn’t expect,” said Michael, “was that the whole system is quieter, there is no more ‘drone’ or noise from the cyclone”.

Now not only do Hepburn staff appreciate the improved performance of the filter, but dealing with the dust is simple - unclip a bag, twist, tie and into the bin, their neighbours appreciate the changes also - no more dust!