New air for old timbers: the dust extraction system that Barry Built

7/16/2015 1:10:01 PM Modular Filter

One of Auckland’s largest providers of recycled native and exotic timbers, Timber Recyclers has been very successful, both buying and re-finishing the wood. Potential customers have often been put off the re-use principle as they don’t want to handle old dirty lengths of timber retrieved from unknown demolition sites. By rejuvenating the timber so it is ready to use, Barry’s timber is excellent value and great for the environment.

Extraction for a timber recycling business:

Demolition timber can be re-machined to different standards of finish depending on requirements, while metal detectors ensure any old nails or screws are removed. All this rework creates a very dusty environment for Barry and his team so with the purchase of a brand new building he was in the market for an effective filtration system that would last for years and keep the building looking new. Familiar with the old ‘SpeedLock’ ducting system that is now branded  LIPLOCK®, he contacted NZDuct+Flex and the idea of a 3 bay modular filter, made of Swedish steel and available as an ‘off the shelf’ product, appealed.

The JKF 3 modular filter system with matching modern direct drive (no more belts to worry about) 7.5kw fan is the most popular combination sold by NZDuct+Flex in NZ.

Most reliable solution

 “We have dozens of these around the country and we have never changed a filter sock, never had a blockage and never had to re-visit or touch any of them in any way. It’s a very reliable solution for the average woodworking business and can easily be expanded if the business grows. Barry will be able to do this himself by removing the end panel, adding another module and bolting the ends on again.” Quote Geoff Ebdon Sales Manager.

 Barry is busy filling a shipping container with dust approximately every 2 weeks.

Barry’s Extraction system:           

  • Fan: JKF 30D 7.5kW (with VSD)
  • Filter: JKF E3-LS Modular Filter

Ducting: A complete ‘LipLock®’ modular system – galvanised at source in Sweden for best possible corrosion protection – the same system originally branded as SpeedLock.