Dust-free and saving power at Laustsen Cabinetmakers

5/10/2015 12:00:00 AM Modular Filter

Laustsen Cabinetmakers was started in 1976 by Mike’s father when he emigrated to New Zealand as a furniture maker. The firm’s clients come from many different trade sectors but Mike admits that possibly due to his own obsession with quality and detail, he has become a beacon for architects and designers planning bespoke top of the range kitchens.

To keep the environment dust free,  NZ Duct+Flex recommended a 2 bay modular filter with 28 filter bags, and a JK30D direct drive fan powered by a 7.5kW motor. As all the components - the fan, filter, filter bags and ducting - all come from one factory, Denmark-based JKF Industri, compatibility and performance of the whole system is assured.


Checking out the running costs:

A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) was fitted to fully control the speed of the fan to save running costs. VSDs are a simple device that will pay for themselves, with the added benefit that if in the future the site expands, a new fan doesn’t necessarily need to be purchased. The modular filter can easily be expanded using components in stock should a joinery need increased extraction.

Long lasting and virtually maintenance free

The secret to long lasting dust removal, with minimal maintenance, is applying the principle of ‘Low pressure operation’ for the filters, i.e. more filter area works ‘less hard’, which means the filters last longer and save companies money both short- and long-term. With the fan blowing into the bottom collecting chamber of the filter, much of the dust goes straight to the collection bags, not even touching the filter socks suspended above. Combined with easy access via large, solid inspection doors, if a bag does pop out of its seating, it is not necessary to remove half the other bags in the filter to get at it.

Solution for cleaner air:

  • JKF 2 Module Filter
  • JKF Fan JK30D 7.5kW
  • VSD
  • LIPLOCK® Ducting
  • CNC Flex