Lab/School Fume Arm

Lab/School Fume Arm

Lab/School Fume Arm

Our stylish new Danish designed and manufactured PERMA Arms have won awards in Europe for design and energy efficiency achieving up to 40% more air flow for the same energy from the fan as other common systems.


Price is ex gst, purchase hood and fitting separately

Additional Information

The PERMA system is suitable for hairdressers, dental clinics, jewellers, pharmacies, veterinarians, podiatrists, schools, laboratories / hospitals & food manufacturing industries. In addition, they can be ordered suitable for the electronics industry (ESD approved), as well as for the chemicals, plastics and engineering industries.

The PERMA arm consists of standard 76mm Aluminium tube with two moulded plastic joints which swivel and can be loosened or tightened by simply twisting the joint cover. They can be taken apart for cleaning or cut to length to suit.


  • Perma arms can be mounted from overhead buy inserting into our standard Liplock 100dia duct (simply insert into the end of the duct and tech screw or pop rivet if required) or can be desk mounted.
  • There is a range of accessories available for specific requirements such as hoods, suction pens with and without flexible tube/hose, duct and desk mounts.
  • We stock the duct and desk mounts plus the circular and flat square, impact resistant polycarbonate in Auckland and other parts are available in 6-7 days from the Danish supplier.
  • Also available custom order is the antistatic version 76 ESD suitable for use in ESD areas. This means that for example the electronics industry can use them.

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