Modular Fume Filters

Modular Fume Filters

Modular Fume Filters

Expandable modular fume filters : ideal for welding fumes and fine dust.

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Fume Filters 2000 to 12000 m3/h

• We offer a range of Fume filters which are designed to be used with our Fume Arms to provide a total fume solution
• Can be ordered separately to handle a wide range of Fume and some Dust issues
• We recommend a nominal 1000m3/h of air extraction for each of our 160 dia Fume Arms (less for the smaller diameter units)
• The filter range comprises 7 models able to handle 1-12 Fume Arms at the same time
• Cleaning is done by electronic timer (included in price) set by the user to suit level of use and dust build-up
• A range of built in or free standing fans is available to suit each filter unit

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