Fume/Dustkart (2)

Fume/Dustkart (2)

Fume/Dustkart (2)

Powerful mobile pulse cleaned cartridge filter ideal for 2 x 160mm arms or 1 x 200mm arm. Can cope with dust AND fumes !


Price is ex gst, includes two 160 fume arms OR one 200 arm

Additional Information

Dust Kart (2)

The larger Dust Kart unit is designed to handle larger amounts of dust than a Fume Cube and has a manual pulse cleaning system
• Our Mobile units are available with one or two self-supporting Fume Arm close to source fume extraction
Replacement filter cartridges are stocked in Auckland

• Dust Kart is a mobile extraction unit with PULSED AIR CLEANING
• G1 pre-filter, main filter and a G4 class outlet activated carbon filter
• Designed to be fitted with 2 x 160mm dia/3m Fume Arms or 1 x 200mm dia Fume Arm (Arms  either 2x160 or 1x200, included in price)

• 2000m3/h ie. 1000m3 at each hood
• 2.2kW motor with Aluminium impellor
• Features built-in manual ONE TOUCH compressed air cartridge cleaning system (requires compressed air supply line) 20l compressed air tank
• 3 PHASE required- European 3P E+N NEUTRAL AND EARTH, 5 pin plug required 
• Easy access Dust Drawers
• Designed for continuous operation where constant exhaust is required
• Replacement cartridges are stocked in Auckland

  • W x D x H (without arms) = 1351 x 862 x 1188
  • Weight = 215kg (without arms)
  • Can be hard wired or plug-in (Plugs NOT supplied with product)

Check out the mobile units from Europe

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