Compact Fume Filters a GEM!

11/9/2018 4:30:46 PM Fume Filter

When successful jewellery designer Laurie Mayo needed to move to new premises to accommodate his unique workshop where his custom made jewellery is polished, his former extraction was not going to be enough for the extra dust created.

Contacting NZDUCT+FLEX, Laurie was talked through several options from the comprehensive range of products NZDUCT+FLEX hold : the perfect solution was found, even though the jeweller’s workshop is up 2 flights of stairs in a modern compact office building with neighbours concerned with noise limitations!

Danish GEOVENT GFB2 Compact Fume filters are the complete solution when it comes to cleaning extracted air efficiently. The filter removes as much as up to 99.97% of hazardous particles from the extracted air, they are suitable for filtering air from welding processes, grinding, sanding, plasma-/laser cutting and powder coating – or jewellery polishing!

Full time employees of NZDUCT+FLEX installed the fume filters and once they had left, Laurie Mayo said “I am proud of my very unique ‘state of the art workshop’, it’s unlike any other in NZ and this install has really made a difference to my staff - they noticed the improvement in the air quality immediately. Anton and Nav were a great team to work with: very professional and committed to providing the best possible air extraction/ filtration at an affordable price. I can highly recommend NZ Duct+Flex!”