V Bank Filters

V Bank Filters

V Bank Filters

Best prices available: V Bank Full F7: $146.00 ea; F9: $164.00 ea

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Additional Information

• High efficiency microfiber medium
• Longer filter life and very cost effective when compared to pocket bag filters
• NO EFFICIENCY DROP in real life
• Fully Polyurethane sealed in frame – leak free, rigid construction
• F7 and F9
• 18m² media area
• Full size 592x592x295 wxhxd
• Half size 592x287x295 wxhxd
• Air volume can be operated up to 5000m³/h in EITHER DIRECTION

Available at various sizes to suit your needs: 

V Bank Full F7


V Bank Full F9


V Bank Half F7


V Bank Half F9


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