Straight Duct Galv Telescopics

Straight Duct Galv Telescopics

Straight Duct Galv Telescopics

Fill that gap - no cutting or welding required ! Duct Telescopics complete gaps 40-450mm with no cutting or grinding required.

Additional Information

Telescopic Duct • One end includes the 5mm lip to join to the continuing LIPLOCK component, the other end is slightly tapered to slide the appropriate distance in the duct run, so you can fill the gap.
• Supplied with specially profiled rubber sealed Lever Lock to clamp DTS at required distance
• Can be undone and adjusted repeatedly
• Eliminates cutting and welding
• Saves time for installers if duct runs slightly change
• Thickness 0.75 UP TO DTS300mm DTS400 AND OVER 0.9mm
To install :
• Simply slip the smooth end of the telescopic inside the downwind section of the duct run.
• Slide the telescopic back up so it meets the ‘Upwind’ section and connect with appropriate connector
• Use the Lever Lock provided to ‘lock’ the Telescopic in position

NOTE : When ordering a DTS, you will recieve 1x 500mm duct flanged at one end and ONE especially profiled lock


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