Standard Filters Bag Emptying

Standard Filters Bag Emptying

Standard Filters Bag Emptying

VALUE for MONEY ! These filters can be expanded if your requirement grow. Our Modular filters can be sited inside or outside - robust design build to withstand the harsh winters of Northern Europe. Largely maintenance free!

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Additional Information

Modular Filters

JKF’s modular dust filters are commonly called Bag Houses or Bag filters
• Modular filters can have up to 30 single or double modules
• Various discharge systems are available
o Bag Emptying
o Rotary Valve
o Screw (auger)
o Chain driven belt
o Point Filter
o Vehicle tipping filter
They are made of 1.25 and 2 mm galvanised sheet metal

Bag Emptying

• These filters collect the dust into plastic bags at base of the filter for easy removal
• Ideal for smaller dust producers and schools
• Normal Air volumes 1000- 20,000m3/h
• Ideal use :joinery shop, kitchen cabinet makers, general dust types


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