Pocket Filters

Pocket Filters

Pocket Filters

Best prices available: 595x595 F6: $44.00 ea; Pocket F8: $56.00 ea

Additional Information

• Cost efficient and low maintenance
• Low Pressure drop design/low resistance GREATLY REDUCES operation COSTS
• No glass fibre breakage and shredding – ASHRAE/ASA standard
• M5/F5 AND F7
• Thermal pocket construction for high burst strength – no contaminants pass through ‘stitched’ holes
• Full size 595x595
• Half size 595x295


Available at various sizes to suit your needs: 

Pocket Filter Full 6

$44.00 ea

Pocket Filter Half 6

$36.00 ea

Pocket Filter Full 8

$56.00 ea

Pocket Filter Half 8

$47.00 ea

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