Dust Drawer

Dust Drawer

Dust Drawer

Dust Drawer is made of highly durable epoxy enameled and galvanized steel.

Additional Information

The Dust Drawer is designed to capture small amounts of infrequent dust that otherwise release unacceptable amounts of dust into the air or require a more expensive Dust Filtration Unit.

Simply fit into the existing duct of say 150 dia, add a reducer from 150 to 315 then into the DustDrawer and then 315 to 150 out again. The purpose of the reducers is to spread the dust load more evenly over the filter material.

Ideal when built into the ventilation duct system, for example at grinders, belt sanders, etc.

The filter mat is mounted in a retractable filter drawer. When the drawer is pulled out, either throw away the filter mesh and replace or wash out and re-insert.  

  • Size 500x500mm
  • Dust filter with Eu3 (85% filtration at 0.3mm)
  • Max air flow 1500m3/h
  • Connection 315mm diameter 
  • Weight 10.5kg

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