Dust Box

Dust Box

Dust Box

Dust Box (Geofilter GF4). The Dust Box is a fully galvanized coarse filter for the filtration of dust from minor welding and grinding process.

Additional Information

Ideal where the bulk of work is welding but there may be the occasional grinding producing dust which would otherwise stay in the work area or be expelled onto the roof or annoy surrounding businesses

The maximum capacity of approximately 3000 m3/h of the filter corresponds to 3-4 Extraction Arms for welding fumes. The maximum working pressure is 2000 Pa. 

The replaceable bag filter medium are low cost and available from stock in boxes of 5 or 10 (cost for new F5 filter $44 and the F7 filter $56 each).


  • Housing-  Fully Galvanised 
  • Type of filter- Pocket Filter F5 95% filtration efficiency or F7 99%  - down to 0.3mm
  • Filter change- Detach front panel, slide out old filter,  slide in new, refit panel
  • Measures 645x645x1.023mm
  • Inlet/outlet 400mm
  • Weight 32kg

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