Ideal as pre- separators! World leading design and efficiency!

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Suitable for air volumes 1,200 to 55,000m3 / hour

• We offer a wide range of high efficiency cyclones resulting from over 60 years of experience and computer modelling
• However it must be remembered ;
o The best cyclones in the world are only 80% efficient
o They should never be used in isolation as a dust control measure
o All cyclones emit dust and it’s the very fine dust that’s invisible to the naked eye that pours from the top of them
o This fine dust is the most dangerous duct in relation to human health
o As a general rule they should not be used inside building or semi encloses work areas
• Used as a pre-separator to collect larger particles for perhaps re-use or for use in other processes they form part of an efficient system
• The top exit must be capped off and the fine dust ducted to a filtration system and not allowed to escape to atmosphere
• As you need to deal with the fine dust eventually, ( transported in the same air volume that entered the cyclone initially), serious consideration should be given as to the need for a cyclone as in most cases a filter unit would do both jobs for less cost
• We will never install a cyclone on its own as it gives a false impression to the customer, their staff and neighbours that a safe dust extraction system has been provided when this isn’t the case in our view

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