Compact Oil Filter 160

Compact Oil Filter 160

Compact Oil Filter 160

The Oil Filter 160 is used for the removal of oil mist from cutting machines before it reaches the central ducting system. This avoids oil condensing in the pipeline.

Additional Information

  • 160 is the diameter of the outlet (Size 400x600mm)
  • Oil Filter 160 is primarily used in connection with CNC machining centres and lathes.

It is advisable to use an oil separator at each machine. In connection with the oil separator, you can use standard fume arms as shown in the diagram.

The filter media, which is made of aluminum mat, is detachable via the removable bottom. In the bottom, you have a tap for captured oil, which returns to the machine. The oil separator is made of epoxy enameled steel. 

  • Filter area: 0.19m2
  • 95% filtration at 0.3mm
  • Max air flow 600m3/h
  • Initial pressure drop 150Pa at 600m3/h

Oil Filter 160

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