Budget Arm Standing/Hanging

Budget Arm Standing/Hanging

Budget Arm Standing/Hanging

Flexi arm for light use : standing type for our fume mobile range or hanging available. Size 160mm dia and 3m reach.

Was $599, now $499!

Price is ex gst

Additional Information

  • Designed for local air pollution control at less demanding applications.
  • Made of flexible hose and internal support mechanism with counter support spring and friction disc joints.
  • Cost-effective alternative to metal tube arms.

There are two models of this product. The hanging model can be used on a wall or overhead.

The standing model is designed to work right at the work bench, table surface, or on mobile filter units (fume cube not included).

 Standard Construction:

  • Aluminium hood with plastic grab handle
  • Air damper built-in the hood
  • Black PVC flexible hose (temperature resistance up to 80oC)

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