Super Blower Filter

Super Blower Filter

Super Blower Filter

The worlds safest, most ENERGY efficient filter! VFV and VARIpulse cleaning included

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Additional Information

  • Along with JKF standard Blower and Super Jet Filters, Super Blower filters are the worlds most energy efficient and SAFEST pulse cleaning dust filters available.
  • Super Blower filters are ideal for medium sized, to the very largest production facilities worldwide.
  • Constructed as self-supporting high tensile steel modules. Process air is passed into a filter chamber, where the air is passed through filter bags which retain the  residual particles. 
  • The modular Super Blower filter is a flexible design which can be adapted to any given task interms of capacity and function.
  • In terms of capacity, both height and floor plan can be selected to meet a wide range of volume requirement.
  • Supplied with VFVTM (Vertical Flameless Venting) explosive vents, these filters include sensors for the VARIpulse TM cleaning, the safest and most energy efficient large pulse cleaning dust filter systems available.
  • They are available with a wide range of different inlet and discharge systems

Air Volumes : 7,000-280,000 m3/h

Ideal users : any production site with medium to large extraction requirements that need a high quality world leading system that will save  energy from  day one of its operation.

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