Rail Systems

Rail Systems

Rail Systems

For the extraction of exhaust gas and welding fumes, etc.

Additional Information

 Sliding Extraction Rails

• Our sliding Suction Rails are designed to work in conjunction with our Fume Arms and other extraction parts such as Spring Balancers mounted on Trolleys and / or Garage Reels
• For use in the Automotive, Welding or any industry where a flexible extraction is required. These units can be configured to handle a wide range of applications
• Trolley mounted extractors can be moved on the main track which is available in 3 meter long segments made of aluminium profile. These are extendable like a train track.
• The sealing of the track is done with a rubber flap which opens and closes as the Trolley is moved along it
• Suitable for ceiling or wall mounted situations or can be mounted onto a Pivotable Mounting of either 180 or 360 degree movement ( see diagram ) 

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