Compact Fume Filters

Compact Fume Filters

Compact Fume Filters

From just over $6000, these all in one units are the perfect solution to capture welding fumes

Additional Information

  • Geofilter SFB3 FumeFilter 30m2
  • Geofilter SFB6 Fumefiletr 60m2
  • Geofilter SFB9 FumeFilter 90m2
  • Geofilter SFB12 FumeFilter 120m2

These Compact, Compressed Air Cleaning, Pulse Filters are primarily designed for the capture of welding, grinding and plasma / laser cutting gases combined with small amounts of associated particles and dust.

However, with the correct filters they can deal with a wide range of dust types but as can be seen from the size of the collecting bucket, are not suitable for large amounts of sawdust or similar volume dusts.

The filters are able to remove 99,97% of hazardous particles from the extracted air.

There are 4 models with 3/6/9/12 filter cartridges and suitable for up to 7000m3 of air and fume depending upon fume and dust type.

Replacement of the filter cartridges is easy, just open the doors at the front like a wardrobe and remove and replace the cartridges.

They come complete with a simple to use electronic timer to control the pulse cleaning for the cartridges and can be connected in parallel, if greater dirty air loads are required.

A dry, clean compressed air supply is required between 3 and 6 bar.

Options included differential pressure sensors to control the cleaning (to save compressed air and upon request) and an easy to move collection bucket.

Normally placed inside building they can be located outside using a protective roof to shield the filter from rain but temperature changes, in some parts of the country, can lead to condensation issues if outside in the winter half of the year.


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