Having joined the original Australian owned distributor for NZ (Eximo) in 2006, Geoff has considerable experience of the dust and fume extraction issues facing NZ companies. Geoff has huge experience working with JKF engineers, visits supplier factories every year and attends the major European exhibitions to keep up to date with the latest in technology and design of dust and fume extraction solutions worldwide. 

“So many companies are still selling products that look like they have come out of the 50’s and 60’s," says Geoff, "so distributing product for JKF, the worlds most advanced dust extraction manufacturer, is very satisfying. Nothing is more frustrating being in NZ than finding out the stock is not held in this country by a so called ‘distributor’. We are in NZ for NZ, and can offer world beating products to every industry sector. As many of our customers are not large corporates, but family businesses spending their hard earned cash, we understand how important it is the responsibility to provide a tried and tested product – not an experiment put together for your operation only. Our products are ‘off the shelf’ sold in their thousands and hundreds of thousands all over the world.”

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