World’s safest pulse cleaning dust extraction filters

4/30/2018 10:33:10 AM SuperBlower Dust Filter

The SuperBlower filter system developed by JKF Industri in Denmark has been continuously developed to provide the best possible solution in terms of safety, operating performance, energy efficiency and long term low cost ownership. With hundreds sold worldwide, there are now 3 units working in our market. The latest installation in Hamilton can handle a massive air and dust volume of 345,000m3 /hour.

The  unique PowerPulse® cleaning system adjusts the force of the pulse cleaning between 1.2 and 5 bar pressure. Other filters blast the filters with 5+ bar all the time, proving PowerPulse® offers savings of  90% of compressed air.

The 3 SuperBlower filters offer a new level of safety in the industry.

Dust is explosive and Dust Filters can (and sometimes do) explode, with devastating consequences for surrounding buildings and more importantly staff. The force of the explosion can hurl panels and small parts like nuts and bolts for hundreds of metres.

Following catastrophic explosions that resulted in many deaths and injuries in the late 80’s, governments in Europe in 2002 (and the USA in 2008), introduced laws which made explosive release membranes mandatory for all dust collectors. These membranes release the explosion in a controlled manner.

However, these membranes, whilst ensuring the bulk of the filter remains in one piece, still release a fireball which can project 50-100 metres from the filter, causing damage, fires and injury to people. 

The SuperBlower range of filters installed in New Zealand release any dust explosion but only the shockwave escapes the filter unit. Uniquely no fireball or dust escapes and the shockwave is released vertically to the sky, not horizontally across the work site.”

This feature is called VFV®  (Vertical Force Venting) and is unique to JKF.

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